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Removing Rust Easily

Rust is a condition in which iron is corroded through an oxidation process so that it will bring out the corrosion results which are yellow and smell like iron. Rust itself can be formed because of the presence of water vapor or due to the air in the surrounding humid environment, salt and acid vapors in the free air, the physical condition of the metal whose surface is uneven, even due to the contact of one metal with another metal. You can prevent is with rub n buff antique gold. WIth this wax substance you can avoid rust.

Many of us often complain if our favorite items at home are corroded or become rusty. Often we try to do various ways to remove rust on the iron. Then what are the ways to remove rust on iron?

1. Combination of salt, baking soda, and lime juice
How to remove rust on iron is easy, some of the ingredients can be easily found in our daily lives. If there are ingredients that are easy to find and can be used, such as salt, baking soda powder, and orange juice, why not just try them? You will find out how to get rid of rust on iron if you combine these three materials.

The trick is to mix half a spoon of salt, half a spoon of baking soda powder, and orange juice. Let the mixture of the three ingredients sit for about two hours. After that, apply it to the rusty object. Let's stand a few moments and watch the rust on the iron will begin to fade and disappear. After it is enough, clean with a dry cloth. How to remove rust from iron in this way is very effective without damaging objects made of iron.

2. Plain Vinegar

Second, how to remove rust on iron is to use ordinary vinegar which we can easily find in the kitchen. You only need to pour ordinary vinegar on the rusty object for about 24 hours. After that, scrub the rust with a sponge or brush. For maximum results, use a sponge or brush made of aluminum foil because it is more effective and fast in removing the remnants of rust on the iron.

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