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Barbecue party is certainly a very fun party and certainly practical than any other party. This will make your special day more fun. However, make sure all your grill is in a clean state. Make sure also that you have bbq grills from to grill all the groceries you have provided.

Unfortunately, there are still many people who think that the grill does not need to be cleaned properly. In fact, this will affect the taste of the food you burn on it. There are several ways to clean the right grill.

1. Chill the grill first
After using the grill tool, you should not clean it immediately. Make sure that the grill is a bit dry. Wait until the roasting machine temperature returns to normal. cleaning the grill when it still hot. This condition can potentially make your hands hurt, other than that the tool can also be easily damaged.

2. Wet the grill
So that the stains on the grill can be more easily lost, you have to wet the grill. the best way you can do is to spray water with high pressure. If the stains and crust cannot be removed, then you can soak the roasting tool first with warm water for several hours. The existing stain will be more easily lost when you clean it up later.

3. Clean with cleaning fluid
You need to use soap because water alone will not be enough to clean the grill. You can use special soap or cigarette soap dishes that you normally use. Make sure you use a brush made of soft wire and do not rub it too hard, it can damage the lining on your grill.

4. Dry properly
Dry the grill until it is completely dry. Afterwards, you can let me use it for later use. Avoid storing it while it's wet or damp because it will make your grill stuffed with germs.