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Understand The Stages Of Child Growth: Don’t Miss Anything

Every child has the same potential to grow and develop normally if basic needs are met. These needs include affection and attention, stimulation and skills, as well as the needs for clothing, food, and shelter. Parents can use for all the tools they need in monitoring their child's development, such as baby monitors,, breathing movements, and others.

Not only that children need stimulation, but this is also important for children to accept, especially in the first 1000 days of life. Stimulation is needed to support cell growth. In addition, stimulation can help the development of sensory centers, language centers, and cognitive functions of children. There are many ways that parents can do to provide stimulation to their children. Starting from talking to him, playing outside, to making decisions.

However, before providing stimulation, it is important and necessary for parents to understand the stage of child development. Don't miss any developmental phase. It's good for children to go through a developmental phase. Because if there is even one phase that is missed, it can have a negative impact on children in the future.

A doctor gave an example of the stages of development in babies. Starting from his stomach, holding his head, sitting, crawling, standing, to walking. All these phases must be passed according to the age of the baby.

In some babies, there are those who pass the crawling phase and can walk right away. There are also those who cannot crawl normally but move by sucking. Maybe there are parents who don't mind this because they see their children can still walk. However, this is a misguided assumption. This condition is a problem because it can make the muscles of the thighs, pelvis, knees, and shoulders become weak.

Doctors recommend that if there is a baby in this phase, parents should turn the baby's position into crawling again. Because the baby still has to go through this phase. If necessary, parents consult a doctor.

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