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Welcome to FOR Greyhounds

Available Dogs updated. Check out the Available dogs via Petinders. Click Available dogs under Adoption.

FOR Greyhounds would like to thank all the people at
Breeders Choice and Mile High Pet Supply
for their support of our new program,
Crowley County Correctional Facility Cell Dogs.
Please show your support and appreciation by visting the following links and purchasing their products.

Shop at BonzoBeans Pet Shop and Friends of Retired Greyhounds receives 15% of the proceeds

Application System Alert

Recall Proheart 6 Injectable Heartworm Medicine!
If you currently use Proheart 6 injectable on your dogs for heartworm prevention, PLEASE go to this web site and then stop using this product immediately! Over 500 reported canine deaths have occurred from the use of this product.Fort Dodge to Comply with FDA’s Request to Recall Proheart 6 Injectable Heartworm Product from the Market Due to Serious Heal.


Your can dog can help others!

Did you know that over 60% of Greyhounds are universal blood donors? Greyhounds as a breed are the most important blood donor dogs out there. They have a higher number of red blood cells and can carry more oxygen in their blood than other breeds and combined with the fact that they are universal donors – many veterinary hospitals use them as blood donors. …more…

Proudly Serving
Colorado, Nebraska, South Dakota and Wyoming.

Last Updated: 11/07/2006

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