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Welcome to FOR Greyhounds

Foster Dog Profile

First, let us express our most sincere thanks to you for being an important step in a retired greyhound’s transition from racer to retiree.  A greyhound that has been fostered before being adopted has a less stressful transition.

Think back to when you got your first greyhound.  Did he or she live in a foster home first or did they come from the kennel directly into your home?  If your greyhound was not fostered, you’ll remember the stress and anxiety you both went through before you learned about each other.

You have a great opportunity to help your foster and its new family have an easier first few days.  You can help this greyhound learn all the things that are important about living in a home.
Please take a few minutes to fill out this form.  Your answers will give us the best possible idea of what the ideal family will be for the greyhound now occupying all the soft spots in your home!

This form is pre-formatted, so all you have to do is fill in the blanks.  Once you have completed the form, just click on the “Submit” button.  We will use the form to update the biographical information about this dog.  Your input will give FOR Greyhounds and the family that eventually adopts your foster dog a greater understanding of your foster.

Thank you again for your time and commitment to FOR Greyhounds.  We greatly appreciate all that you do for the organization.

Foster Coordinator
FOR Greyhounds

Friends of Retired Greyhounds Foster Dog Profile