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Welcome to FOR Greyhounds

Adopted Dogs

We post pictures and stories of dogs that have been adopted here. Not all dogs are here just a few of those that wanted to let us share some of their great stories or adoptions.

If you have adopted a dog and would like your story and pictures added to this section please send your pictures and story to our webmaster: Webmaster


It’s been almost two years now that we’ve had Gail, and I feel terrible that we haven’t let you know that she’s doing great and we love having her in our home. She and our other dog, Buster, a chocolate lab, are best buddies. She loves the water!

Thanks again for your wonderful work and for bringing our family a wonderful addition.

Martha Newman


This is Stacy, adopted by Aaron and Lisa Rinker. She is the lover of their lives and the caption was “Who needs kids…when you have greyhounds!”

Eli (Eddie)


This is Neo, I just recently adopted him in June 2004. Neo is such a joy and I am going to be working with him to be a therapy dog. Neo is also a blood donor for C.S.U. he loves all the attention. I am so thankful to have found him at and I would like to thank the foster home that did such a wonderful job of showing Neo how to be a good family pet, He is such a good boy!

Thanks again, FORgreyhounds and there fabulous foster homes.
Janet 🙂

P.S. Neo was formerly PB Inclinator I named him after the character on the movie the Matrix. At the beginning of the movie Neo was told to follow the white rabbit. I thought it was appropriate. 🙂


Hello! I adopted Ti (formerly known as Tidewater) in February 2004. He fit right in from the first day, and just wanted to please. He is a joy to have around. Bones (whippet) and Ti became a team and have lots of fun with eachother. I hope Bones has a long life, but if anything happens to him I will get another grey for sure.

Thank you Shana and the organization.
Ingrid Jackson


Greetings, I adopted Salvador (formerly known as Josh and as LL Cowboy Manuel) in May of 2002. He has been joy and sunshine in my life. Salvador lives happily with my two cats and I in our small house with a big backyard. I just wanted to send you a picture or two for your website and let you know how happy Salvador and I are.
Thank you for your wonderful organization!
~Martha in Wyoming


We bought our grey in March of 2004. Since then he has become a central part of our household. He took over the couch within the first week. Our grand-daughter is “his” baby. He snuggles with her on the couch and takes naps with her on his “bed” on the floor. We have two other dogs, not greys, who have taken him under their wing and taught him a lot about being a house dog. When the old dogs are gone, we’re planning on getting another grey.
Peggy & Doug Brownfield


Just wanted to let you know how well things have been going with Zarina since we adopted her in Sept 03′. She has been very affectionate, to the point of attempting to be a second mother to our three boys. She loves to play and go for walks. We couldn’t have asked for a better experience in adopting. Thank you for all your hard work. We are even considering adopting another greyhound to keep Zarina company while we are gone during the day and add to our family.
Thanks again,
Dalsbo Family