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Welcome to FOR Greyhounds

Foster A Friend
Fostering 101 – A Pass/Fail Course

Have you thought about “trying out” a Greyhound but don’t want to commit to full ownership?  Or, do you have the time and love for a Greyhound but would rather help out an adoption group?

Well, consider FOSTERING!  Friends of Retired Greyhounds is always in need of wonderful foster folks to help our greyhounds get used to a life of full retirement.

If you are currently a foster family to one of our greyhounds, please fill out a Profile Sheet about your foster dog.  Your input is valued so we can learn more about each greyhound we place.


  • Having the love of the greyhounds who spend time in your home.
  • The satisfaction of knowing you have prepared a greyhound for his new home.
  • No out of pocket expenses for the dog.
  • Failing this course doesn’t affect your GPA or your standing within the community.  It only ENHANCES your life.


  • The greyhound of your choice.   We have many to choose from!
  • Collar and Lead.
  • Dog Food.
  • Medical expenses, as needed. (If vet services are needed, please contact us first.)


  • Love and attention.
  • Social training.  Sorry, no hounds on the couch or bed while being a foster!
  • Toys and a bed or two.
  • Time to show your foster dog when a potential adopter is interested.

If you are interested in becoming a foster family to one of our hounds or would like more information, please contact our Foster Coordinator.